Case Study:


ISPP 2020 Annual Conference

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which forced the cancellation of in-person conferences, ISPP was forced to cancel their event, or take their complex program virtual.

MB4 Productions

Service, Equipment & Support

● Custom Webcast Portal Design & Build
● Virtual Event Production
– Virtual Lobbies, Waiting Room Music & Holding Slides
– Live Broadcasting
– Slide Review
– Dynamic Switching
– Lower Thirds
● Speaker Coaching & Presenter Equipment Kits
● Live Support & Tech Support

Some of the unique event needs and requirements
for this virtual conference included:

Unique Administration & User Roles


Gated Sessions


Engagement, Q&A

Multiple Days, Tracks & Session Styles

Dedicated Networking Spaces

Virtual Meetings

PowerPoint files

Full Event Days

Hours of webcasts

“People were extremely impressed with how professional and polished the event was. This was definitely a positive experience for this first virtual conference and attendees said they look forward to attending more virtual conferences in the future. Several Board Members were pleasantly surprised with how well it went too and expressed that it was extremely well organized, easy, and well worth it for ISPP to have gone virtual instead of having canceled the 2020 event.”

Severine Bennett, CMP, PMP
Executive Director, ISPP

“The virtual meeting was a huge success and we have received overwhelmingly positive feedback about the experience from the nearly 600 persons who attended worldwide. The virtual Summer Academy was also well-received by the 47 delegates who attended this year.”

Severine Bennett, CMP, PMP
Executive Director, ISPP

"The first-ever virtual @PolPsyISPP conference was a blast. Excellent program, lots of interesting panels, and @mb4productions provided an amazing platform. As much as I am looking forward to in-person conferences in the future, I will also miss the countdown. #ISPP2020"

ATTENDEE : Gizem Arikan
Assistant Professor at Trinity College Dublin