Audiovisual (A/V) is something that is most often thought of as a necessary evil. Almost every event (from small dinner meetings to large scale corporate functions) has it in one form or another, yet A/V is normally the last thing to be prepared. Budgets for audiovisual are normally the smallest, and the attention given to this feature is quite often a second thought.

MB4 Productions’ goal is to change this. More times than not, the entire reason for an event is to pass information from one entity to another. And, the method of doing this is through a meeting. Companies will spend thousands upon thousands of dollars to fly attendees to a venue, feed them, lodge them, and cater to their every need. Then when it comes to the physical meeting, the material, and information (the actual reason for this gathering), budgets are cinched down, the audiovisual suffers, and a poor representation of the company is portrayed.

This does not have to be the case. MB4 Productions can conceptualize, design, and produce any and all audiovisual, including stage design, lighting, sound, video, audience response system, translation, and presentation material; for a truly exceptional event, leaving attendees with an outstanding view of the meeting and company. This function will not only be upbeat, alive, and pleasant, but also extremely effective.

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brazil stage
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