Follow our team as they execute premium technology solutions for business in the United States and abroad. Our updates here will highlight the breadth of MB4 event productions from live stream and webcast production to our elegant audiovisual implementation. We believe in event production that combines innovation, efficiency and quality. Check in often to view images, insights and event technology news from around the globe.

Livestream Types and Definitions

Webcast, hybrid and multisite solutions all differ slightly to bring content to key audiences.In today’s modern world filled with technology, new solutions are coming out at an alarming pace. It can be hard to keep up with all the jargon, the expanse of...

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Top Benefits of Live Stream for Events

Learn the Top Three Key Reasons to Live Stream Events. Many clients approach MB4 Productions with the question “Why live stream an event?” As live stream technology continues to pick-up in adoption, many event organizers find themselves curious about the technology...

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Audience Response Systems in a Nutshell

An Overview of Audience Response Systems for Better Meetings.  Though Audience Response Systems (ARS) and their range of uses differ, these systems essentially use wireless devices to transmit instant audience responses to questions, polls, surveys,...

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