Follow our team as they execute premium technology solutions for business in the United States and abroad. Our updates here will highlight the breadth of MB4 event productions from live stream and webcast production to our elegant audiovisual implementation. We believe in event production that combines innovation, efficiency and quality. Check in often to view images, insights and event technology news from around the globe.

Tech Toys: MB4’s Top Favorite Tech Gadgets

Get to know some of the MB4 Productions team better on this episode of MB4 LIVE. Technical Director Abel Garay, Founder Bill Hetzel, Technical Manager Mason Haynie, as well as some other surprise guests, will talk about their favorite technologies, toys and trends. 

Third Wave: How To Market and Sell in a Post-Pandemic Economy

On this episode of MB4 LIVE we talked with special guest, Shawna Suckow, CSP, CVP, CMP, and Founder of Shawna Suckow International. In a time when maximizing the sales moment is more important than ever, Shawna shared tips from her fifth book, Third Wave, How to Market and Sell in a Post-Pandemic Economy. This conversation with Shawna focused on how to drive deep relationships, boost referral business and make every connection count.

Navigating Communications When you Can’t Be Face to Face

A candid conversation about navigating and adjusting communication styles when we can not be face-to-face. From observing preferences to adhering to unwritten professional codes, we will look at how to keep on the right track. Our guest, Catherine McKenna, CMP, CMM, Executive Innovator at CMK Solutions, is a long-serving expert within the hospitality industry. This is a wonderful relaxed conversation between two experts with the gift of gab!

Behind The Scenes with EPI: Celebrity & Luxury Events

Let’s go behind the red curtain! In this episode, we chatted with Pawntra Shadab, CTA, VP of Events and Marketing at Elite Productions International about the lofty expectations, creative demands, and precise execution required for the implementation of stellar luxury events. We also discussed the unique considerations involved in working with high-profile entertainers as well as rich and famous stakeholders.

Virtual Programs: From DIY to Sky High

On this episode of MB4 LIVE, we dove into a hot topic floating around on the web, virtual programs, to DIY, hire out, or choose an alternate route? Tim Albright, President at AVNation joined Bill Hetzel, Founder of MB4 Productions, and MB4 LIVE host, Liz Connors, where they discussed the true value of quality production, and alternative broadcast channels.

The Future of Events and Thinking Big

Join host, Liz Connors, Director of Sales & Marketing at MB4 Productions and forward-thinkers Kim Arazi and Tahira Endean, CMP, DES, CED for a conversation about the exciting future of meetings and events. Kim and Tahira drew from the recently published book, Intentional Event Design, Our Professional Opportunity to outline the steps to creation of five-sensory experiences and going big with events.

Planners Panel: International Events & Etiquette

A planners panel where we discussed the best practices of planning international programs. Each of the panelists that joined us has expert experience from Singapore to São Paulo. We used the hour to tap their insights on executing expert global events. The conversation covered thoughtful site selection, the importance of DMC partners, logistics tips, cultural etiquette considerations and more.

Financial Tips in a Rollercoaster Market

Ready to meet your financial goals? Join us with special guest Linda Neuenburg, CPA, Certified Financial Planner and Certified Public Accountant with 20+ years’ experience. During the hour we discussed financial strategies, the current stock market, and smart money moves in the environment of COVID-19.

The Meeting & Events Industry Fights Back

A candid conversation with special guest Tracy Judge, MS, CMP, Founder at Soundings Connect. Together we looked at how the hospitality and event industry is fighting back against COVID-19 in 2020. We discussed HEFB-20 and how to get involved. We also highlighted other industry companies making a positive impact and how to get involved.

Stand Out with Social & Digital Strategies

Join us for a candid conversation with a very special guest Kim DelMonico, CEO and Founder, of BE Influence. Our multi-talented guest for this episode is a social influencer, marketer, author, lawyer, and entrepreneur. Within the episode, she shares expert strategies for engaging online and gaining brand cheerleaders. 

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