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Top Benefits of Live Stream for Events

Learn the Top Three Key Reasons to Live Stream Events. 

Many clients approach MB4 Productions with the question “Why live stream an event?” As live stream technology continues to pick-up in adoption, many event organizers find themselves curious about the technology but initially intimidated. This article will shed light on the top three key benefits of live streaming for events.

1. Extend the Event Reach 

When an event offers a virtual option, it is a gateway to entry for those who could not attend the event due to cost, schedule conflict or other. A virtual option removes the need to travel or take time away from the family. Employers like it because their team can tune in from their desks and it saves them from shelling out lofty travel reimbursements. A virtual option is good for work teams in another way as well, as it opens the door for multiple staff to attend. Small business, small event, small venue, no problem. Putting content out online allows events to transcend space and time. Extend the olive branch of a virtual registration and it is likely attendance will increase online year over year. It may also increase onsite attendance as the education has the chance to reach a larger and more widespread audience.

2. Environmentally Friendly Option

Whether or not a business is currently eco-conscious, holding virtual meetings is better for the environment offering an eco-friendly option for attendees. By reducing travel and printing less paper, there is a lesser carbon footprint. Customers nowadays respect a lean green business, and it could result in a boost in street credibility and sales.

3. Enduring Education

Live stream content can be stored, recycled, and shared online far into the future extending the lifecycle of an event. Add the virtual packet to a page on the website and gate the content for an additional revenue stream. Even offering the live stream content free is useful when promoting future events through online ads, email campaigns or social media. According to Unruly, enjoyment of recorded video still increases purchase intent by 97% and brand association by 139%. A snippet of a powerful or famous speaker can go a long way to boost event registration. The live stream record also provides an instant archive of the event for company history. 

An event live stream is a valuable way to take an event to the next level. Connect with our team to learn even more benefits or to further discuss how to best integrate this technology. Read other articles about webcasting best practices, audience response benefits, and audiovisual trends here


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